Can You Take It Easy In Today’s Employment Market

August 14, 2007 at 1:06 pm Leave a comment

With the local Australian economy experiencing relatively low unemployment figures, and with the papers sprouting that jobs are there for the plucking, it is almost tempting to believe the employer or recruitment consultant will be grateful for the few resumes he or she receives and will eagerly grab any candidate.


I recently received this comment in an email from a consultant at a major national recruitment firm:

“Lately I have been finding more and more that I am receiving consistently poor resumes, which I generally put down to:

  • Laziness of applicants
  • Not knowing any better or
  • A perceived lack of importance seen by candidates at this stage of the recruitment process.

It may simply be a Generation Y thing where candidates feel the jobs will or should come to them with little or no effort made on their behalf? Some of the most common issues I find with resumes are:

  • They don’t sell the person well (e.g. are just a description of employment history, etc)
  • They are far too wordy: generally I feel they should be shorter, sharper, punchier and attract interest (sell someone) more quickly
  • They are not specific in content towards the role or industry people are applying for (are obviously generic resumes being sent for any job)”

This recruiter’s complaint was that he simply could not see any value in these applicants. He finds himself constantly having to tell candidates they are less likely to be selected for an interview, or will be totally rejected by either himself or the client, by presenting with documents full of mistakes, irrelevant, too wordy and with unattractive formatting.

Interested, I went on to contact other consultants and here is the feedback I received:

“People flick off CVs here there and everywhere without much thought. Often we don’t even get a cover letter, the formatting is poor, spelling mistakes, too much jargon and buzz words which don’t have much depth.”

And from another source:

“Whilst the media continues to ramp up the candidate short market there is the perception from candidates to up-sell themselves and have above-market expectations of their worth (both financially and technically). There is the misconception that there are fewer applicants for the jobs. When it comes to the top jobs there is no change, there was and will continue to be strong competition amongst candidates.”

If you think it is easy for an applicant to walk into an interview today without taking too much trouble, then think again. Unless you present yourself in the best possible light, you still may not capture that interview.

Strong communications and excellent presentation will never be redundant.

Written by Beverley Neil:

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