What Turns Hiring Managers Off?

September 5, 2007 at 2:03 am 1 comment

According to one of Hays directors, “Poor verbal communication skills, such as giving short answers, struggling to articulate answers, speaking quietly or not thinking before speaking are all big turn-offs.” 

Other areas, which may cause a hiring manager to thinking seriously about how viable you are as a candidate, include: 

Ø       Not answering the question asked

Ø       Not researching the company or role before the interview

Ø       Leaving a mobile phone on

Ø       Inability to provide solid examples of previous experience

Ø       Exaggerating experience or skills

Ø       Focusing on the negative rather than the positive in situations or experiences

Ø       Arriving late

Ø       Not displaying an interest in the role 

There are many aspects about an interview that we cannot control, however, all of the failings listed above are in your control. 

A job interview, particularly for a position you are passionate about gaining, can be one of the most daunting experiences in life. But here PERCEPTION IS REALITY. If you come across as a qualified and viable candidate for the job – you will be treated as such. 

Practice Visualisation

 An excellent way to excel in the interview is to practice creative visualisation. 

What is creative visualisation? It is using the power of the mind to convince yourself you will do well. It is a way to calm your mind and let it accept the positive.

Here is what you do: Put aside about 20 minutes each night for three nights. Close your eyes and see in your mind the interview in as much detail as possible. See everything going really well, all the way through to a successful conclusion.  

It does not sound like much, but proponents say it is a very powerful way to set yourself up to succeed.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.  

Beverley Neil  

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