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Resume Awards Are Important To All Job Seekers

Recently the TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) Awards for 2007 were announced at an event in the United States. I was lucky enough and totally honored to be a finalist for Best Cover Letter and to win Best International Resume. In past years I have been a finalist in numerous categories and won both Best Cover Letter and Best Professional Resume.

This is all great to receive the recognition of your peers on the global arena – but I wouldn’t blame most job seekers for asking, “So what! It’s nice for you sure, but…”

 The TORI awards, and currently all resume writing accreditations, are conducted in the U.S. The high standard of resumes and of accountability has not yet filtered through to Australia to the extent it needs to to really benefit job seekers – though I am proud to say Australian writers were extremely well represented at the awards :).

Even though there are many resume writers in Australia who produce excellent resumes, without even having heard of accreditation or TORIs, sadly the majority of resume writers in Australia are not accountable for keeping their knowledge and standards up to date. This is not always the resume writer’s fault as many who offer this service are not aware of the changing face of resumes. It is more a matter of trying to educate that there are different, and more powerful, ways of writing resumes that really showcase the job seeker.

The industry in Australia is poorer for the lack of accountability and the standard of excellence that inevitably flows on from membership in professional industry bodies, from conducting rigorous accreditation processes and of holding industry awards.

This is one area where I hope Australia eventually catches up with the U.S. – for the benefit of all.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.

Beverley Neil

November 27, 2007 at 1:16 pm 2 comments


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