How to Find Key Words for Your Resume

June 24, 2008 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

No doubt by now you have heard it’s essential to include “key words” in your résumé. So where do you find these key words?

¨       Within the job advertisement itself – the position description will hold the basis of your key words for that particular role.

¨       Browse other similar advertisements in the paper or online.

¨       The web site of the company you are targeting. Don’t know the company? View several of the web sites belonging to the industry, for example, for a pharmaceutical sales role browse through companies such as Astra Zenica, Johnson & Johnson and Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

¨       Go to Google or one of the major search engines and put in – for example – “biomedical scientist”+jobs and you will be able to browse dozens of positions to pick and choose an array of key words for your biomedical résumé.

Aside from the actual position related key words, key words searched for by recruiters and employers can include personality traits such as determination, thorough, unbiased judgement, friendly, natural leader, competitive etc.

Don’t turn your résumé into a walking key word list though. Keep it personalised, and of course don’t include anything that is not applicable to your skills and experience.

Here’s to writing powerful résumés.

Beverley Neil

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