Essential Keys to Writing Your Cover Letter

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When you’re writing your cover letter, consider the employer’s needs. He or she wants to know:

 You the Person: The employer wants to know if you will fit in with the organisational balance and the existing team; what your personal and professional ethos is; how you approach your work; how you relate to people and form or build client relations. Don’t be afraid to use a touch of appropriate humour or a lighter approach if this is natural to your personality – and if it is fully appropriate to the company. Be very light handed with humour and never use this approach with government bodies – not worth the risk.

You the Professional: What are the skills and experiences you possess that marry with the advertised job description? What do you offer the company; what level of motivation, commitment and dedication do you bring. Have you bothered to research the company (if the company name is known)? Have you considered how you see yourself fitting in with the company’s culture? How excited are you about this opportunity?

Something New: Avoid laying out your summary of achievements in the same way as in the résumé. Keep some new, relevant information specifically for the cover letter. Keep your cover letter fresh.

If a cover letter reveals an individual who meets all the necessary requirements, an employer is only too ready to be led into reading your résumé.

Here’s to writing powerful résumés.

Beverley Neil

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