Resume Writer Accreditation – What Does It Mean?

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Some time ago I read a blog post stating resume writing accreditations weren’t worth the paper they were written on, and the accreditation was like many of the false university degrees you could purchase online. Remembering the work I put into earning – yes, earning – my first accreditation, that of Certified Resume Writer (CRW), I was shocked at these remarks. The trouble is, anyone not in the know would undoubtedly believe this ‘expert’.

In fact, as a Certified Resume Writer I had to undergo an extensive examination process including researching and writing two 1,000 word articles on the subject, a timed essay style exam paper answering 10 questions at some length, a timed 40 question exam paper that I needed to complete in only 20 minutes in order to show I knew the answer outright without giving any thought, plus being provided with a rough sketch of information to compile a strong, concise resume which was then assessed, not by one, but a panel of accredited writers. I must point out that this level is the base, entry level for professional resume writers.

These days the certificate is referred to as the Certified Advanced Resume Writer accreditation (CARW). There is a similar process, bar the completion of the two articles, however, now a range of sample resumes must be submitted, assessed and approved to even sit the exam.

The exam process is costly which means only the most committed writers even attempt it. The certification also requires ongoing improvement and education and the CARW exam must be sat and passed again each two years.

There are any number of accreditations that can be earned aside from the CARW, and include Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW), Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Military Resume Writer, Certified Web Portfolio Practitioner and more. There are also certificates which deal with other areas of the job search process including Certified Interview Coach, Certified Career Coach, Certified Employment Interview Consultant, Master Career Director and more which all require extensive training, experience and examination.

The various certifications are run through various professional resume bodies including Career Directors International, Professional Association of Resume Writers, Association of Online Resume and Career Professionals, National Resume Writers Association and Career Management Alliance.

Should you ever read that a resume accreditation is merely a piece of paper that the writer has paid for without earning it, you now will know better. This information may also assist you when you are looking to work with a professional resume writer.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.

Beverley Neil

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