Ever Lost Your Poise At An Interview?

September 5, 2008 at 2:26 am Leave a comment

Most people find their poise completely deserts them at an interview – their body won’t coordinate and even something as simple as ‘where do you sit’ becomes an ordeal.

That all-important question – “Where do I sit?”

Often you will find yourself waiting in a meeting room until your interviewer/s join you. You look around and wonder where the best place to sit is. Sometimes the best option is not to sit at all. If there are pictures of note, awards, certificates or other material lining the walls or displayed on shelves then take the opportunity to browse. It shows interest in the company and can be a great starting point for conversation.

When being interviewed by a recruitment agency, they frequently have offices with views overlooking the city and surrounds. It is amazing how gazing out a window for a few minutes can calm your nerves, and once again provide a great icebreaker remarking on a point of interest.

In both instances you are in an excellent position to move forward and greet your interviewer/s with a confident smile, level eyes and a confident handshake. Should you choose to sit, be sure to sit where the door is easily accessible, where the desk is not between you and your interviewer/s and where you can rise comfortably and, once again, greet your interviewer/s with a confident handshake.

How do you move?

If you are not sure where to sit and it is not obvious, simply ask. Sit down neatly, do not sprawl about upon a chair or sit upright and rigid, do not fidget with your hands or repeatedly cross your legs. These are big asks as natural nervousness will threaten to take over and it is easy to do all these things without even being aware that you are. 

Try to stay in touch with your body.  Your facial muscles will naturally tense up and you may end up with a false rigid smile.  Therefore, try to stay in touch with your facial muscles as well, relax your cheeks and allow your lips to soften.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.

Beverley Neil

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