No Matter Your Age – Here’s a Reality Check

October 12, 2008 at 11:15 am Leave a comment

Statement:   Older workers cannot learn new tasks

Reality: Research demonstrates there is a negligible loss of cognitive function under the age of 70. As well, the current aging population is very active in Internet adoption and embracing new technologies. The most key factor in speed of learning is training time, which is much less for older workers due to a wealth of acquired experience.


Statement:   Older workers are not as productive as younger workers

Reality: Productivity and age are not aligned. In fact, older workers tend to be more accurate and methodical than younger workers creating a more steady output over a longer period of time than younger counterparts.


Statement:   Older workers are not as creative or innovative

Reality: There is no substantiation of this claim. Many of the innovations we find the most intriguing comes from research and development personnel over the age of 40.


I’m embarrassed to say I have not kept the source of this information. Perhaps when I am a little older I will be more methodical!!


Here’s to writing powerful resumes.


Beverley Neil

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