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Truly Beautiful Resumes

Have a look at these beautiful resume formats.

If you are going after a graphic design position or similar here is some great inspiration – however – definitely send a standard resume as well to enable the recruiter to scan your application quickly and establish if they want you in the running.

For all other roles and industries definitely stick with the more traditional resume. You can’t afford a recruiter to bin your resume because they don’t have the time or interest to decipher your creativity.

In the meantime, enjoy…

Here’s to writing powerful resumes

Beverley Neil

March 25, 2009 at 6:29 am 1 comment

Are Your Correct Spelling Skills Blocking Your Job Search?

If you’re searching for jobs on Seek, CareerOne or another job board site, you could consider searching for your job title under both the correct and the incorrect spelling.

Apparently there are currently 359 jobs on Seek where ‘Manager’ is spelt ‘Manger’.

This advertisement – link below – really shows how you need to be on the ball tracking down your ideal role…

Would you have ever thought to enter a search for ‘Contract Adminstrator’?

Here’s to writing powerful (correctly spelt) resumes.

Beverley Neil

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Road Test My New DIY Resume Writing Course for Job Seekers – for Free


That’s right – along with my resume writer’s course for those who want to learn professional resume writing, I have now put together a resume writing course for job seekers.

This DIY resume writing course – which I will be selling online for a value-packed price of AU$47.00 – is the perfect option to create your own highly effective, strategically focused résumé and targeted cover letters and will also give you the knowledge to write résumés and letters for your family and friends.

This course includes all the Professional Résumé Writer’s Course material edited back to provide just the essential information relevant to your needs PLUS sample resumes and cover letters to draw inspiration from PLUS the interview strategies e-book.

You will receive:

** Fact-finding questionnaire – that will draw out all the essential information necessary to compile your documents

** Guidance on the most effective style of resume, how to draw out and highlight critical skills and achievements, how to identify and place vital key words and phrases, how to write targeted cover letters that capture attention

** Résumé and cover letter samples – with complete permission to ‘borrow’ any of the formatting and gain inspiration from any of the wording – warning: never copy wording outright though – use only for inspiration

** Post-interview letter template – add the last few details to cement your place in the recruiter’s memory

** Interview Strategies e-book

You will also gain the vital understanding of what powerful, professional resumes should look like if you decide you want to work with a professional writer at some time in the future – knowledge that’s as good as money in the bank.

I am only offering this course FREE TO THE FIRST 25 JOB SEEKERS who contact me and simply ask for the material. There is no obligation attached – but I would love to receive your feedback on any aspects of the course that you found helpful or where you felt you could have received more guidance.

Simply email me at with Blog Offer for Free Resume Course in the subject line and I will send you the documents by return email. This could be your golden opportunity to learn a skill you can use again and again in life.

If you’d like to find out more about the course, visit my web site at

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.

Beverley Neil

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How Important Is a Follow-Up Thank You Letter?

Have you ever considered sending a thank you letter after an interview? You can guarantee that around 85% of the other candidates haven’t thought of it either. So can you think of a better way of ensuring you receive prominence in the interviewer’s mind than by sending off a note of thanks for their time – and by way of an after thought happening to mention – very briefly – why you would be perfect for the job?

According to a survey of more than 650 employers: “Writing a thank-you letter after an interview doesn’t just showcase a candidate’s manners – it can also make or break their chances of landing a job. Nearly 15% of hiring managers say they would not hire someone who failed to send a thank-you letter after the interview, 32%say they would still consider the candidate, but would think less of him or her.”

“One-in-four hiring managers prefer to receive a thank-you note in e-mail form only, 19% want the e-mail followed up with a hard copy, 21% want a typed hard copy only and 23% prefer just a handwritten note.”

“26% of hiring managers expect to have the letter in-hand two days after the interview and 36% expect to have it within three to five days.”

When you consider that statistics show that less than 15% of candidates even bother to send thank-you letters, and of those little more than 1% actually create a personal letter verses a generic note of thanks, a post-interview thank you letter has got to be regarded as one of your strongest ‘personal’ marketing tools.

When writing your thank you letter, remember first and foremost that is what it is – a thank you letter – an acknowledgement of the time taken and interest displayed by the interviewer/s.

 Be brief and to the point

 Be personal, stating the name/s of the person/s present – ensuring that the spelling is correct

 Briefly – very briefly – mention any point you would like to reiterate that positions you as an ideal candidate

 Close on a bright and positive note stating you are looking forward to the next step in the interview process.

It’s just so simple and so effective.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes – and post-interview thank you letters that get you noticed

Beverley Neil

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