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How Much Value Do You Place On Your Resume – and on the Person who Writes It?

After reading a blog post “How much is your resume worth?”  I was very interested in the dozens of comments following. However, one particularly stood out for me (though I confess I didn’t get the chance to read all the way to the end).

This comment by a Ron McManmon:

“…Would you cut your own hair? Mend your own broken arm? People think they can “get by” with some resume help from a friend and some can, but I think it is important to recognize when it’s time to call in a professional. There are all ranges of pricing for “professional” resume writers but know this: you typically get what you pay for, just like with anything else. A bargain isn’t always the best product. I consider this to be a fair statement: “I don’t believe too many people have been hired solely because of a great resume BUT I am certain many people have NOT been hired because of a bad one.”

Understand, just because a professional resume writer crafts your resume does not mean you are not a competent, even a skilled, writer. It is extemely difficult to write objectively about your own skills and achievements, and there are many rules and strategies to creating a truly powerful resume.

Yes, of course you can write, and you can also pick up a pair of sissors and cut your hair BUT you don’t because you recognise that you have your unique area of expertise, the hair dresser has his or hers, and same with your mechanic. You wouldn’t hesitate to hire a professional in these areas.

Many job candidates don’t realise a resume crafted to ‘sell’ him or her as a highly desirable candidate – and after all that is what a resume should be – a strategically targeted, uniquely tailored sales tool – can easily take 7 hours plus plus.

Perhaps it’s time resume writers – and I am speaking of highly skilled/accredited writers – received broader recognition as the professionals they are.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.

Warm regards, Beverley Neil

October 3, 2009 at 12:59 pm 2 comments


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