Are You Concerned About Your Online Reputation?

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This report is copied from and gives important insight into how your online reputation can significantly impact on your job applications.

Though the survey was conducted in the U.S.A., U.K., France and Germany you can guarantee Australia is not far behind. This is a must read for all job seekers.

Even job seekers who are not involved in online forums, chat groups, Twitter, Facebook and the like may still be affected if there is another individual with the same name who is building up a negative profile across the web.

To see what a recruiter would see you can search your name on the search engines and as a matter of priority set up a Google Alert for your name. It’s free and well worth the few minutes it takes. Just go to

“Read How Your Job Prospects Could Be Affected

Research commissioned by Microsoft in December 2009 found that 79 percent of United States hiring managers and job recruiters surveyed reviewed online information about job applicants.

Most of those surveyed consider what they find online to impact their selection criteria. In fact, 70 percent of United States hiring managers in the study say they have rejected candidates based on what they found.

Review the results of the survey to see how online reputations impact people’s lives. The research comes from interviews with over 1,200 hiring and recruitment managers and 1,200 consumers in the United States, the U.K., Germany and France.

The results of the research reveal what you post on the Internet and what people post about you can affect your professional life. Learn what action you can take to manage your online reputation.

Here’s to writing powerful resumes.

Beverley Neil

For assistance with your resume go to

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